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Please read the testimonials below- we think that other peoples experiences will help change your mind :).







Hi!!! I can't believe this! It worked!!! Thank you very very much for helping me. Now, I am odor-free, I can already extend my hand. This product has help me to gain more confidence in myself. Before I thought that having body odor was a curse because there's no solution for it. But now it is gone! This product has help me a lot. Now I can live a normal life like other people. GOODBYE BODY odor!!! Thanks a lot for the help and the support!!!   



I just had to drop a line to THANK YOU for your site.  I am 41 years old.  I have suffered from embarrassing foot odor for more than 25 years.  I used to dread taking off my shoes.  In fact, in one of the most embarrassing incidents, a flight attendant once asked me to put my shoes back on because the people in front of me complained to her about my foot odor.  That was 10 years ago, and NOTHING worked until I found your site.  In less than a week of using your treatment, I have 99% less foot odor.  I am now in "maintenance mode" -- using it once or twice a week in the morning, and I am still odor free.  I really have done nothing differently, except to throw out all of those foot odor pads that I used to purchase every month to no avail.  Now, I have my bottle of "miracle cure" by my bedside, it costs me
about $2.00 and has lasted more than a month.  And just so you know, even  though your solution is SO SIMPLE that I felt like I wanted to tell everyone about it, I know that that wouldn't be the right thing to do.  I tell people to trust me, that it works, and to pay you the  VERY REASONABLE fee for this priceless information.  Finally, this process worked for me even though my feet sweat a lot.  A lot.  I thought that sweating caused my bad foot odor. Not so.  I still sweat, but now there is no odor.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU,  THANK YOU!  You have literally CHANGED MY LIFE!


I would just like to chronicle my 2-week regimen with your product:

DAY ONE : I was angry at your website and regimen because there was no change--I still smelled.

DAY TWO: I was angry at me for being so gullible and falling for such a simple solution.

DAY THREE:  I was angry at your regimen and your website and was formulating a scathing e-mail to let you know just what you could do with your formula and then came day four....

DAY FOUR WAS A MIRACLE!!!  I went about my daily activities normally before I noticed by midday there was no odor! NONE! All gone! I double checked, even triple checked! It was true! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  You have helped end a life-long problem, given me confidence, and even expanded my wardrobe choices! Best of all the solution is inexpensive, easily accessible, and no more embarrassing white deodorant rings on my dark clothing! I am forever indebted to you!



I told my daughter that I had to write and thank you so much for your wonderful advice.  I was particularly trying to help her.  She is 16 and for several years now has had a problem with under arm odor.  She was very self-conscious about it.  (After washing her shirts, I could still detect an odor. )  The doctor had put her on a prescription Aluminum Chloride type treatment but that only helped a little bit.  We also were forever switching deodorants in hope of finding one that would work for her and for me.  I too have been self conscious about my odor, but more in the summer when wearing tank tops and sleeveless shirts. 


Well, after doing some research about the effects of using Aluminum Chloride I was very concerned.  That's when I began to search for a solution and I found you website.  Thank You So Much.  You have saved a very sensitive girl from feeling terrible about herself.  She is so relieved.  I, too, have begun the regimen, and I am so amazed.  (I keep sniffing under my arms to see if it is still odor free.)  Today, which is day 4, was a great test.  I was house cleaning, dripping sweat, but my under arms had no odor whatsoever.  It is unbelievable.  I can never thank you enough.   My daughter will never have to feel disgusted with herself again; can you imagine the impact you have made on her?    I hope so.



I am so happy that my underarm odor is history now after just one week!! 

My co-workers had made life a living hell for me for 2-3 years.  I lost  practically all my friends and those friends even talk to my family about abandoning  the "dirty fellow" = me.  I took showers 2-3 times a day but nothing helped.  I was miserable for ever.  After I week, my confidence is regained, I feel empowered once more.  Some of my co-workers still
taut me but since  I am now odor-free, I have nothing to worry about.

Thank you guys, I am ready to continue under-arm, foot and even take a shower with this product for life if it is not dangerous.  I cannot tell you how liberated I feel now.  It works, thank you.  . .. You're the true savior.  Thanks.



I'm so grateful to be writing this email!

Your information has finally released me from the grip of this incredibly embarrassing problem.  I am an active and outgoing woman and I have struggled with this issue all my life.  However, I have always managed to deal with it to a point but over the last six months I
started to feel completely paralyzed by underarm odor.  I was totally exasperated to the point where I had started to reevaluate my career in order to work at home where odor wouldn't be such an issue.

I had tried every product on the market, carried wet wipes to clean and reapply throughout the day and yet the problem seemed to be getting worse.  I was at the end of my rope when I went to your site.  I wasn't getting my hopes up despite the encouraging testimonials.  Nonetheless, I gave it a try and within a couple of days I started to notice a difference.  After about a week, the odor seemed to have disappeared altogether.

I'm still reluctant to get too excited and so I keep preparing myself for disappointment each time I take a sniff after a stressful meeting or a presentation, but there is nothing there.  I just keep shaking my head and muttering under my breath, "this is just incredible/amazing/unbelievable".  I just can't believe that there was such a simple answer to this incredibly emotional issue.  I never really thought I would find the answer to the problem, but it appears that I was wrong.  If only I had known about this on my wedding day!!

I'm on to my third week now and things couldn't be better.  The copious containers of deodorant haven't been touched, in fact they have made their way to the trash (thanks for nothing "Lady Mitchum"!)  I think I am just beginning to see what life might be like without this limiting issue detracting from my confidence and comfort in the world.  All of a sudden I can appreciate what normal people feel like.

To say that I am grateful to you for cracking the code on this one would be a gross understatement.   I don't like to be melodramatic but I can  tell you with confidence that this is going to change my life for the better - it already has!!  I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  Thanks a million!!

PS - I think your price is very reasonable.  I appreciate the fact that you don't try to take advantage of desperate people.



Just wanted you to know that you are performing a wonderful service by sharing your information on how to eliminate body odor without using the messy, uncomfortable, probably harmful, and often ineffective solutions the makers of commercial deodorant products offer.   I downloaded your information the night before leaving for a 3 week August vacation in the Mohave Desert, thinking that if it worked in the desert in August, it would work anywhere. 


To be sure I would be able to follow the "regime" while traveling, I packed a box of (the recommended product) pads in addition to the spray bottle you suggested.   Your system worked beautifully right from the start!  The first time I went swimming without having to worry about deodorant wearing off in the pool, I was elated.


The real test came when school started in the fall, though.   As a college teacher, I race from student to student doing one-on-one tutorials in over packed lab classes and then run off to interact with hundreds more in the lecture hall.  Some days I am on the run for twelve hours straight, with groups of students pressing in close, towering over me, even giving unexpected hugs.   I used to have to bring a change of clothes for each of those days.  Now, I just use the spray bottle morning and night and touch up with the prep pads once or twice if it is going to be a long day.   


Everything about your system works exactly as advertised and the small price you charge for sharing the information is money very well spent.  Thank you very much.



It is a great moment here again, I want to tell you that you will remain forever in my heart. I appreciate what you have done for me and like I said I wont forget you.


Well it started like I wont get out off my problem, but today it is a different case , I want to thank you for all the encouragement you have given to me your support , time devoted to answer my question, I love you so much. and I hope I will see you one day to have a hand shake and express my love too.


I am free! today I can associate the way I want , be in the mix of people and still feel free , haven't you done a wonderful job? Look you remain the best thing that has ever happen to me . Feel great cos someone is celebrating you else where in the world.




I am very happy to report that on just the first day...the regimen worked. I conscientiously applied the product as advised...being very careful to work it into the underarm area.  And, since it was a weekend, I also experimented by choosing not to use deodorant.  I couldn't believe the difference.


Thank you so very much.  I am so very, very pleased...and grateful!



   Editors Note: Please allow 2 weeks for full results.


You have to know I felt like a SUCKER when first sending you the money.  But
you had the satisfaction guarantee.  It has been two weeks since I started
your suggested treatment.  It has also been two weeks since I used underarm
deodorant.  It worked the same day.  Thanks.

My feet used to stink so badly my daughter, age thirty-nine,  reminded me I
used to have to take my shoes off outside and walk in the grass for a few
minutes before coming in at night.  After a few days of use, I took my
boots off in the pickup.  They weren't as bad as before, but still had to go
into the back.  About ten days after starting your treatment, I took the
boots off in the pickup and was able to just stuff them behind the seat!

God plays all sorts of games with us, I am convinced.  We need to learn the
rules to win.  It looks like he gave you one of the rules.

R.C., Grants Pass, Oregon


Thanks to you I am odor free.  A little over a month ago I began my therapy, but let me tell you a little about me.  I began noticing a body odor when I was in Germany back in 1997.  I thought it was just my deodorant, until I realized I couldn't find any deodorant to help.  Then the doctor gave me pills to try to stop me from sweating, thinking it would help, but it didn't.  I'm a police officer and I have to deal with the public everyday.  Can you imagine how I felt? Then I went on the internet and looked for something that guaranteed me no more odor.  At first I was discouraged after a week and wrote back for help.  Thank God, I wasn't doing it totally correct.  I just wanted to say, "Thank You for your wisdom!"

Female Officer


Before I used your regimen I was applying deodorant half a dozen times a day with little relief. In little more than a week, my recently developed underarm odor has vanished.  Thank you!
BC Chicago, Illinois


All I can say is - YOU ARE THE BEST!!  I can't tell you what your personal attention means to me... not to mention the immediacy!!


 I never expected to be treated like a real person, with an individual problem.  Much more I would have assumed, rather, to be treated as just another 'processed' customer.

It's wonderful to be reminded that there really are good people out there!
Thanks A Million,


I am so happy to report that my embarrassing underarm odor has DISAPPEARED! I live in South Florida and it's getting hot, so tank tops are a great garment to wear. Before I found this underarm odor solution, I would be constantly be re-applying deodorant to get rid of the odor. Now, I can lift my arms in confidence and Not carry around powder or deodorant all day!  This was such a simple and easy solution and it WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!



Overnight it seemed like my deodorant was not effective anymore. I tried everything!  Glycerin soap, herbal deodorants, baking soda, even white vinegar!  Nothing worked and everyday I was getting even more discouraged a self conscious about the whole thing.  Well as a last resort I purchased the info from this website.  Within 2 days (NO JOKE) there was a difference.  Within 2 weeks, I was back to normal, and only use the remedy for maintenance.  Take it from someone who was very skeptical...it WORKS!!!



Praise the Lord!  To HIM all the thanksgiving and praises for making you a blessing to me. I tried the regiment that you taught and it works incredibly. Its amazing! I thought that I will be suffering to this sickness all of my life but you change everything. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to Bless you and your family and continue to be a blessing to all. God bless and more power. Thank you.

R of Saudi Arabia


Thank you so much for a simple solution to my foot odor problem. I thought I would have to register my feet as biological weapons! I couldn't even stand driving by myself in the car because the smell from my own feet was so overwhelming. Every pair of shoes I bought would be ruined the first week, despite costly foot powders and sprays. And what were other people at the office thinking? With your CHEAP and EFFECTIVE solution, not only have my feet become polite-smelling, but I have been able to recover shoes that I thought were permanently ruined. Also using it on my underarms, totally effective!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
E.L., California


This type of treatment proves to be very effective and less costly. In a week's time underarm odor has almost vanished. I only had to continue it another week to completely eliminate body odor. I only have one problem now and that is excessive sweating. I do hope you can find another treatment for this one. But then again, I have to thank you for this treatment. It works for me

L.G., Philippines


Thank you so much. For many years foot odor has followed me around like a dark cloud, but thanks to your simple solution I am now foot odor FREE! After years of trying every creme, powder, spray, lotion and insole on the market I stumbled upon your web site
and my life has changed dramatically. It has been a little over 2 weeks now and the results
are amazing.

The only difference of opinion that I have with you is on the application. I found it to be MUCH more effective if the solution was rubbed in rather than allowing the walking motion to do the rubbing. In any case THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
RF, Boston, MA

Hello I E-mailed you some days ago and told you that I purchased your solutions for the underarm problem. well just want to thank you but first Thank God for blessing you with this idea to cure underarm odor. :) I must say that with in two days of using the product I noticed the difference  :) So once again just want to thank you and keep up the good work :)

RW, city unknown


I was probably the biggest skeptic when I read your treatment!  My feet smelled so bad that I could be sitting at my desk and smell them.  I could only imagine what people thought when they passed by.  Even my husband and children feared my shoe removal at the end of the day.  My 4-year-old constantly told me I had stinky feet!  Now, after only one week of treatment, I am odor FREE!  Thank you so much.  I am so much more confident in myself and will even wear open-toed shoes to show off my pedicure without hesitation!  Again, thanks!

JA, Texas


I can never thank you enough.  After 5 days, my husband and I could snuggle without me holding my nose.  I know it's mean to say- but it's the truth.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you are helping many people!

J.I. California


I didn't know how much body odor problems bothered me until I got rid of them.  Every day I notice situations where I used to be uncomfortable, but now am completely confident. I just wanted to let you know that I really am happy to have found your site and have told my family about it (they always teased me about my odor).

B.P. Indiana


My wife is in love with you!  She was too embarrassed to write in so decided to make me write instead (please don't publish my full name).  I must say that it really worked!  I have had odor problems my entire life.  Now I can take off my shoes in our bedroom without her complaining.  Thank you.

P.K. New Jersey


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It took the full week, but now my underarm problem is gone.  I really can't believe it.  Advise for those of you who try this: don't give up!  It is so worth not always having to worry about whether or not I might smell. 

J.J. New Jersey


I am a member of a hiking club.  I love to hike with my friends but was so embarrassed and self-conscious about smelling after an hour or two of hiking- once I  broke a sweat. Now, even if I sweat, I don't smell, It's incredible.  Thank you.

A.S. Arizona 



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